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Built by innovators for innovative builders.

The Founders

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Michael Holdmann

Chief Executive Officer

· Building the DataGrid Blockchain (DGB™), the worlds first Object Oriented Blockchain™ (OOB™). Scale, Parallel Processing, Security and a Decentralized Global OS

· An IoT and Smart Cities global industry thought leader who believes the solution to the root of our problems is to decentralize networks to ensure the citizen is in power, not large corporations. He has been involved in telecom, networking, and software development.

David Beberman

Chief Technology Officer

· Chief Technical Officer; and Chief Strategy, Sales and Marketing Officer

· In 30+ years of hardware design and software engineering has developed 50+ network protocols for the high speed Internet IP stack. Protocols include Layer 2 Tunneling Protocols (L2TP), RADIUS, TACACS, VLAN Switching, OSPF and BGP. The Father of “NAT/PAT” (Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation) and solved key internet network collision issues.

Jay Moore

Chief Marketing Officer

· Blockchain & Token Pathfinder | Community Builder | Startup Mentor

· An entrepreneur, human connector, and 25+ years veteran of the gaming industry. Jay’s time spent in companies developing game engines cultivated his understanding of the importance of ease of use. He is inspired by the possibility of a future organized around blockchain, AI, and an economy based on reaching our full human potential.

The Executive Team

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William (Corky) Bizjack

Chief Revenue Officer, Advising

· Experienced Technology & Sales Leader. GE Capital, Verizon.

Ossip Kaehr

Chief Decentralization Office

· 20+ years in technology development. Former executive Payments Pioneer.

Charles Balas

SVP of Marketing and Operations

· 20+ years in the Video Game industry with a focus on Marketing/Business Dev, Product Management and Product Development.

Stuart Mayne

Chief Communications Officer

· 20+ years in communications & branding. Global SME and international blue-chip clients.

Danielle Smith

Director of Marketing

· Brand development, positioning, and implementation across Gaming, Publishing, TV/Film and Blockchain/Crypto fields.

Stuart Worrall

President Research Center

· 30+ years in data communications. 20+ years of international and China experience.

Industry Advisors

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Ted Chamberlain

VP Research Center Gartner

Charlie Cheng

President Shanghai Auto Parts Trading and Collaboration

Rich Phillips

Chief Product Officer

Honghui Wu

Dean of Iscri Bejing. Editor in Chief of Smart City Practice

Steve Gustafson

Former Lead for GE Research Labs, Leading Expert in AI/ML


GM of ST Industry Development Co Ltd. Global Consul of International Smart City Research

Ed Kepler

Funding Advisor Opportunity Zone/Liquidity Labs Blockchain & Smart Contract Developer

Blockchain Advisors

001 - 003

Brad Yasar

CEO EQIFI, Founder, Beyond Enterprises

Michelle Tsing

Futurist, Robotics, Blockchain Governance & AI

Josh Meier

Partner at Latitude Blockchain Services | Co-Founder of Andromeda Capital

Alex Mann

Partner Junn Capital

Matt Haynes

Co-Founder at MoonBoots Capital

Joachim Godet

CEO, 01 Capital, Senior Advisor Hannam and Partners

Peter Carrol

Chief Strategist Big Data

Jerald Broussard

Managing Director/CEO Growth Advisors Int’l

Corey Billington

Director at Latitude Blockchain Services

In Partnership With

Prasaga works with world-class innovators, developers, and enterprise partners. Our relationships are rapidly expanding throughout all industries and the world.

Partnered through IEEE, Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and Digital Twin Consortium.

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