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Q. Can you please tell us about your Roadmap ?

Q. Can you give me more information about your Roadmap of $DGT? What is your goal for 2020–2021?

Q. Finally, any sneak peek into 2021 plans for Prasaga?

Q. What achievements has Prasaga achieved so far? And what are your plans for next year? Can you share us your roadmap?

Q. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Prasaga has achieved so far?

Q. Everyone thinks that a successful blockchain or cryptocurrency project is measured by the price of their token and is less concerned with the technologies and adoption in the blockchain world after it. So for Prasaga What success goals will be achieved soon outside the price side

Q. Finally, can you give us some information about your roadmap and how #Prasaga has progressed so far ? What awaits us in the future ?

Q. And last question. let’s discuss about Prasaga roadmap. What are your plans for this month or before the end of this year? And What is Prasaga target for next year that you want to achieve?

Q. Long term wise what other goals would you like to achieve? You can share your roadmap if you would like as well.

Q. Where is the $prasaga road map now? Are all targets in accordance with the current road map? And what are the next steps that will be taken in the future?

Q. Could you tell us about your roadmap for the present and the future? How far has this project been developed?

Q. Could you please explain, what are your upcoming plans in a couple of month/years?

Q. To sum up, can you please share with us your nearest milestones that you plan to achieve by the end of 2020 or next year?