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Accounts Revisited

What if we revisited the concept of an account and made all blockchain accounts smart?

Individual Sovereignty

Creating “individual sovereignty”, an account which holds all of your real-world assets.

Rethinking Sharding

Rethinking sharding and smart contracts to maximize blockchain throughput.

The Smart City

What is a Smart City and why is it so important for cities across the globe to embrace the IoT?

Making the Smart Factory

We explore what is needed to make the smart factory – and how this will effect the industry.

Actionable Data Ecosystem

Smart devices require smart data – we explore how actionable data delivery is key.

Prasaga vs MessageSight

What are the advantages of XMPP over MQTT and how will this change the face of the IoT.

ESB built for IoT

Why Prasaga developed an Enterprise Service Bus built for the Internet of Things.

Collaboration in IoT

How a smarter world will come to rely on standardisation, teamwork and collaboration.

Networking the Application

How to avoid data and applications being susceptible to attacks in layers 2 and 3 when using SDN


A list of criterion we developed while reviewing as many Native chain White Papers.

Sovereign Nations

Is it the method of exchange that defines a sovereign nations strength?

Patent Application 1 – XBOM

Prasaga would like to proudly announce making several patents applications.

Tracking World GDP

An overview of Digital GDP and Crypto Tracking of World GDP.

Patent Application 2 D-PoW

Prasaga would like to proudly announce making several patents applications.

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