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DataGrid comes from building a PowerGrid for the Blockchain. We are launching our Presale and DeFi pools with an erc20 based DataGrid Token (DGT) and will exchange it 1:1 when our MainNet goes live and the DGT built on the DataGrid Blockchain is available. We will be like any other large scale token, EOS, XRP, Solona, Stellar, NEM or even IOTA and we will find our largest increases in price as the usage on our blockchain increases. The opportunity to get in early to a project of our scope is more like a 2016 or 2017 chance. We have solved the key issue facing all other blockchains – SCALING. We also gain the benefit of EASE OF USE and STABILITY with our monetary policy. Right now our token is only available to those winning our awards and through Private Presale ($100k min 20% & 10% bonus). We will be announcing our whitelisting for Community Presale ($5k min 5% bonus) soon.

We have been working with our advisors to create the best possible approach to staking and farming along with a detailed roadmap that will incentivize our DeFi pool token holders. While we have much of this worked out we are still finalizing all our plans and partner platforms and will be announcing soon after our whitelisting for presale our farming and staking program. If anyone in this community wants to share with us what farming and staking programs they feel are the best please DM @TheJayMoore.