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Does Prasaga have a vision for DeFi? Is this different from DeFi’s general display?

In Prasaga’s roadmap there are two different engagements with DeFi. 1) The first is in the 12 months DeFi Liquidity Pool campaign, notified in the previous message. 2) The second engagement with the DeFi market is as the optimal basic infrastructure for DeFi to transact. The DataGrid Blockchain is a new approach to scale, latency, status, ownership, asset fraction, etc. This new approach will stabilize transaction costs, eliminate the need for intermediaries, allow transfer of ownership of any asset between accounts on the DataGRid Blockchain and much more. We are now developing a class: defi, this creates the base classes needed to swap using the XBOM Decentralized Operating System and its class tree structure. It will be available to build proof of concept using XBOM enterprise deployment on hyperledger, full capabilities will be implemented at MainNet DGB launch.