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I’m guessing for global recognition you want mass partnerships. Do you have any current ones planned or looking to plan a partnership with in the future?

I’ve got 3 new partnerships I’m going to do a press release with next week after our Presale closes… One is already putting a strong community presence together for us in Vietnam – BigCoin and we’re excited to have them helping us learn all the nuances of crypto traders in Vietnam.

We have a long history of working with top industry standards bodies and consortiums.

Industrial Internet Consortium and the Digital Twin Consortium.
We have standards bodies we’ve served on to setup how things will work in the future:

Michael Holdmann I WILL NEVER DM FOR DATAGRID TOKEN SALE., [16.01.21 09:31]
We will be partnering through our DataGrid Collaborative with many communities

– Developers, who will build the foundational classes (dApps) for all to access.
– Businesses, who will customize the classes and build containment trees for offering to their customers or use internally
– Users, who will be the life blood of the DataGrid Blockchain as they will be purchasing the products and using the services offered.
Partnerships are core to us we will create the blockchain our partner community will make it a success!