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Individual Sovereignty

We must start with a proper architecture – what we mean by this is one that creates “Individual Sovereignty” – not one where your account only references a smart contract. Rather, an account which holds all of your Assets.

Imagine every asset you have or own – whether they be digital (such as crypto currencies or securities) or physical (such as your home, car, laptop or yacht) …all existing on a blockchain, and the only way for any entity to have access, is for you to give explicit permission to do so.

Imagine participating in a decentralized multi-sided platform, having all your assets under one account with the ability to divide up and offer fractions to qualified accounts to purchase. All of this with autonomous adherence to any nation’s regulations.

This, is what we have architected.

Imagine an economist having real time access to any indicator within an ecosystem that can be used to create a sustainable, stable currency, not tethered to any external device.

This, is what we have enabled.

Consider the ability to update the mechanics of the blockchain, without even having to fork the chain. What about governance bodies that include Subject Matter Experts from all industries, making recommendations on things like incentives, economic policies and code updates, which are only implemented upon majority vote of the community. One person, one vote, not based on wealth. Moreover, voting requires a cert from approved cert auth. and a stake.

That, is what we are building.

For more information, please contact Michael Holdmann (CEO) on [email protected] or visit our Team page for other members of the leadership team.