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Enterprise powered by SagaChain™

SagaChain™ Enterprise Initiatives

Working with industry leaders and entrepreneurs to build better systems

About our Initiatives

SagaChain™ is revolutionary because it addresses critical data delivery, activity and security issues that previously challenged today’s technology – but we’ve made some huge steps forward both in terms of the technology available to us, and in understanding ideas behind how data really works.

We are not just building the underlying technologies required for next-generation blockchain applications.

We are also working in partnership with industry leaders and entrepreneurs, to understand the issues they face, and helping them to create the solutions they need.

Our future Initiatives

We are continuing to look at additional initiatives (in partnership with industry leaders) that will benefit most greatly from SagaChain™ technology – including fintech, energy, communications, gaming, academia, personal identity, and a host of other industries.

Automotive Initiative

Our Automotive Initiative has initially focussed on manufacturing and supply chains – and how to track every part of a product’s lifecycle, from origin (hard commodities) through manufacturing and supply processes, right through to consumer, and beyond.

Healthcare Initiative

Our Healthcare Initiative focusses on medical device development, pharma supply chains, and electronic health records – and how each area can benefit from the additional security and accessibility offered by blockchain technologies.