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Is @PrasagaOfficial’s DGB or DataGrid Blockchain fully capable of handling and processing sufficient transactions? because that’s the major problem with blockchain these days?

The answer is YES, and we have filed for 6 patent applications which allow us to emphatically state that. We have architected a Blockchain in a way to allow parallel processing of transaction on 100’s or 1000’s of chains. The point of serialization for the DataGrid Blockchain in the network bandwidth. We utilized Amdahl’s law to identify where parallel processing can be applied and where serialization will take place. In every other blockchain project in existence today that point of serialization is in the movement of state between shards, for us it is the limits of network bandwidth, we can move state between parallel chains. Why do you think $DGT token is necessary for your project? What is the main role of $DGT in your project? What are the benefits of holding $DGT in long-term? $DGT is designed to be a Global Currency used specifically to transact in the economy which is internal to the DataGrid Blockchain.