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Last thing I wanna touch upon is Governence, will it be handled centrally?

We are fully decentralized. We’ve got a multi-tiered voting and governance covered in our tech WP. This is one of the main concerns we had in design of the overall ecosystem and another reason it was 3 years in research and design of the project. The founding team believes that we should not be involved in the oversight of the DataGrid Blockchain and believe with our design, should realize that within about 4 years from mainnet. We have to bootstrap the initial structure however, we also DO NOT believe code is law, been doing this for 5 decades and have seen too many failures with this attitude. Rather, governed code IS law and that is how we designed the DataGrid Blockchain. To enable one person one vote we rely on the XBOM tech, where YOU have an account on the blockchain, protected by a Unique 512 bit string. In this account you can hold any identifying certificate that issued by a accepted authority that proves you are a identity anonymously, we dont need to know who you are, only that you have the right to participate in the transaction. Prasaga Foundation has created a system of recommendation bodies that will have subject matter expertise in matters of money supply, incentives, economics, technology which will recommend to the community a change in the system. NO changes are implemented without Majority or Super Majority of the community voting for the change.