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Most users care only about the immediate benefits rather than the actual long-term value of the project. How can you convince users to invest in your platform over the long term?

“Your phone, your computer, and your smartwatch all have operating systems that make it easy to develop for and to use. Easy is good. But the Blockchain is hard. We need the Blockchain to be easy. XBOM makes it easy to develop for and to use the Blockchain.” – Michael Holdmann We believe the reasons you will want to invest are actually the key things that make DGB a better developer and user platform. 1) XBOM allows us offer greater ease of development 2) Empowers our consensus and radical improvement to Smart Contracts to truly scale. 3) Our community driven monetary policy is designed to build a stabilized currency for a method of exchange. So: Speedy, Easy and Stable. Will win the blockchain race long term. Our commitment to staying decentralized in our governance and the ability to scale as more resources are added to the maximum capacity the internet allows will make us a the blockchain of choice in enterprise and consumer applications.