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Prasaga designed the next evolution of blockchain architecture that rewards its ecosystem of contributors,Then how can we become a contributor on Prasaga?And what kind of feedback will Prasaga give to us as a contributor?

There will be numerous ways to become a contributor in the ecosystem. We are currently a small team and, now that we have completed to hardest part and most crucial we can start to let the world know about Prasaga Foundation, DataGrid Collaborative, the regional labs we will be standing up. The first contributors we are looking for will be in the Ambassador, Champions, Evangelist duties globally, we believe in order to be accepted by a culture you must interact in their ways, not force unfamiliar strategies that will only alienate. Our first community is in the Philippines, we are hoping to find others that will start to contribute their time to bootstrap local Labs within Asia, South East Asia, Europe, GCC and Africa. We have $DGT for rewards for contribution, it is up to us all to make is valuable through the work we put in. Other communities will include developers, who will contribute to the initial class creation allowing the application developers to start and customize those class into vertical specific applications. We will also have a full mining community for Mainnet, we are currently looking for miners that are interested in helping us in testnet, there will be a stake necessary and the $DGT mined in testnet will convert to mainnet. All these contributions will be rewarded in $DGT and because of them $DGT will be valuable.