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Prasaga recently launches the “First Blockchain Operating System”. How does it work?

What Prasaga has done, is reached back into our history in the industry and utilized technology that CTO David Beberman launched is first start up around in 1990. We implemented ON-CHAIN, a First Class Object Model This is a Message Passing Architecture first developed by XEROX PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in a product release called Small Talk This architecture was is also the underlying structure for 1. GoCorp- PenPointOS, one of Prasaga prior art Patent references 2. IBM- System Object Model (SOM) and one of Prasaga prior art Patent references 3. MacOS X- When Steve Jobs left Apple briefly in the late 80’s he developed the NeXTSTEP which use use for MacOS X 4. Microsoft Windows- Bill Gates was commissioned to build the IBM OS/2 operating system for their PC’s base on SOM. Bill Gates wrote SOM as well as created a modified copy of it for himself called Windows. This was what replaced MS-DOS. This is also known as the Windows Tree. So we have taken the First Class Object Model, decentralized it and integrated it INTO the blockchain. We are truly a Decentralized Operating System which instead of sending message to a process in a computer to start to execute work, we send a message to an application on the blockchain, which is in an account as an object.