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Latest announcements from PraSaga™

Frequently updated, breaking news on PraSaga™ and the SagaChain™

  • PraSaga™ partners with Metahug

    Metahug – a global philanthropic organization focused on teaching children with limited resources how to understand and utilize Web3 technology.

  • PraSaga™ wins an award

    Wonder what we accomplished during GBC – Vietnam? PraSaga was awarded 1st place in the category “Most likely to succeed”!

  • PraSaga™ announces official designation as a Swiss Foundation!

    We are beyond thankful to our community for the continuous support! Together, we strive to create the best blockchain.

  • PraSaga™ presents SagaPython™

    The new coding syntax for the SagaChain™. The good news? You don’t have to learn a new programming language if you already know Python.

  • We’re already living in The Metaverse

    Now that conferences for the games and interactive entertainment sectors are back to full-swing, fewer topics have drawn such extreme reactions…

  • Jay Moore speaks at Global Blockchain Congress

    Discussing how PraSaga is taking blockchain to the next level. What was once difficult to implement will now be easy, through the power of SagaOS™.