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some project who have unique blockchain always make on several blockchain version from it and we can swap it on their web. now how about Prasaga ? are you will make $DGT on Other Blockchain too like Tron, Ethereum, or OMNI ?

If I am understanding question, is Prasaga going to let other people fork DGB and/or make alt coins on our chain. We are a completely native chain not built on others blockchain, we are like Etherium or Bitcoin. The DataGrid Blockchain (DGB) will never be forked, we are an underlying foundation for all transactions, financial or other and anyone that wants to build apps/businesses on DGB can. For tokens, with the ability to transfer objects (assets) between accounts on the blockchain the need to represent something with a token is no longer necessary, you can have a token and it will use the DGB for GAS and require DGT for the GAS fee of course.