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The advertising video I have seen shows some ways the Prasaga token might be used in the future? Are DGT going to burned when they are used for services or are they reintroduced into the supply´? And how do you plan do deal with rising cost of token?

The DataGrid token, which has an initial token allocation until we get to mainnet, but unlike others DGT does not have a total supply, instead we will be mining new token and through an exclusive process, removing token from circulation based on the velocity of transactions in the network. Simple answer, use all the best practices for monetary policy that have worked in the fiat world. Hard answer is in our detailed whitepaper where we have algorithmically and through a decentralized voting process allowed for this process to be managed. The most important innovation is our use of a Digital GDP and making sure we govern the currency based on internal integrity and not be strictly pegged to external metrics.