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The hot new term in crypto is “YIELD FARMING”. Why did this get so hot right now? Do you have a plan to develop the Yield Farming system?

Getting attention in a noisy market and adding incentives to attract traders is the core of why Yield Farming is so hot. We have been watching this new trend and looking for stand out approaches that make it both easy to participate and have integrity to the incentives — create a reward tied to the token value in the over all market. Many are primarily ways to get lots of pairs setup for arbitrage and don’t actually contribute to the long term token value. You see some of this behavior on CEX exchanges with market makers and they create artificial demand. Our goals will be to put incentives into the staking and farming, but not try to build incentives to escalate pump and dump cycles. We are drafting our plans and will announce our approach before we launch on DeFi, we expect to continue to innovate as the market changes over the coming year.