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What are the most notable benefits for users who buy DGT and hold them? Where can i buy DGT token, does DGT available at any exchange?

Buying $DGT and holding them IS the benefit. It benefits YOU as you will realize the full potential of the value growth as the mainnet and economy grow. It benefits the COMMUNITY, as it protects the token from massive dumps and value depletion It benefits the WORLD, as it allows the project to fully complete and deliver a stabilized Global currency that allows easy and safe transaction in a truly global economy We will be announcing our community pre-sale shortly, we are seeking whitelist and KYC/AML partner now. In the meantime we will are taking orders from larger funds through SAFT/TPA agreement. We will start on Balancer Finance in a 96hr. LIquidity Bootstrap pool and then open 12-month Defi liqudity pool campain, this will be a Dutch Auction style program similar to EOS token sale.