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You said that “Our decentralized governance allows One person one vote”. Could you please explain it more clearly? How the Governance work on Prasaga? Specially this term “One person one vote”?

This is a very important point for us. We do not believe the DGB will be successful with any centralization, we do however understand the need to have people with subject matter expertise to be helping the community to understand the issues and present a case for changing anything. Code is not law, governed code is law. There must be a way to update the models of monetary supply. miner incentives etc. over time as we learn better approaches. This can only be implemented upon majority or super majority vote of the DGB community. A one person one vote mechanism allows ALL $DGT token holders, regardless of amount held, to have a voice in THEIR community. It will not be based on staking and you MUST have a certificate in your account to anonymously prove you are eligible and that you voted to ensure the 1 person 1 vote mantra.