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Stuart Worrall (PRC)

Stuart Worrall

President, PraSaga CoLabs

Email: [email protected]


A leader with insight, high energy, integrity, vision and passion – inspires others to elevate their performance and realise their potential

Stuart has been involved in growing and managing companies both large and small, both private and public, for several years. The companies have ranged from technology and software development companies to the entertainment world and commercial real estate.

His experience in technology covers work in MENA, Europe, Latin America, UK, and the US. Continually on the forefront of technology, he has started and successfully exited several businesses.   As well as living in numerous countries, including China, he maintains contacts with his network of people, including senior members of various governments and with many senior Fortune 500 executives.

Stuart has authored several books on telecommunications, and marketing, as well as published many papers and has spoken at venues globally.

He currently serves as a director on several different boards.

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