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SagaChain™ Private TestNet is now Active!

Welcome to PraSaga™

Proud members of the Digital Twin Consortium

Digital Twin Consortium drives the awareness, adoption, interoperability, and development of digital twin technology. Through a collaborative partnership with industry, academia, and government expertise.

Evolving Beyond Smart Contracts

Smart contracts were a great innovation that has allowed for an explosion of tokens and projects, enhancing adoption of web3 technologies. We believe however that their time is coming to an end as more and more projects realise just how limiting that construct is.

They have become a bottleneck for scalability and a root cause of many of the recent security concerns we see hitting headlines. In SagaChain they are no more. Apps make use of being able to call foundation classes that represent real world assets directly from the chain. Transactions are simple Python scripts that enable moving SagaCoin or our new Smart Assets between accounts.

Now, we will see true scalability the likes not seen before, and an account/asset model that enables enterprises to adopt and map their processes as digital twins on the chain. That’s real utility.

Solving the Trilemma

The classic trilemma of scalability, security and decentralization had not yet been solved, that is, until SagaChain entered the scene.

We have removed the blockers to scalability through removing the reliance on smart contracts, and through our native sharded architecture with dynamic resource allocation. SagaChain can scale-up to meet any challenge.

We didn’t compromise on security either with our hybrid consensus model users can take advantage of the scalability and speed of a PoS chain, yet rely on the hash power security of a PoW chain, best of both worlds and still more power efficient than a standard PoW approach.

Finally decentralisation: the nodes on the SagaChain network are wholly operated by independent third parties. PraSaga has no oversight on the operation of nodes and when launched has no more vote on changes to the chain than any other node operator, one account one vote. That right there is the trilemma solved.

Stabilised Purchasing Power

Web 3 is a volatile market, right? What if we said it didn’t have to be? And no, that doesn’t mean CDBC either, there is another path.

We have designed our monetary policy to deliver stabilised purchasing power purely based upon internal metrics of the running chain. The network will dynamically calculate metrics such as GDP, CPI and RPI, based upon the transactions occurring on the network and the price and inflation are controlled to these metrics, in much the same way as any traditional currency.

It has called for a fresh approach to coin supply but delivers something that will stand the test of time and gives users the stable purchasing economics that we want, oh and some good stable gains along the way too!


A next-generation, layer-one blockchain – built to avoid limitations faced by other blockchains, and fully supported by an ecosystem of tools and global communities. A truly ground-breaking technology, built by innovators, for innovators.

SagaChain™ Development Milestones

PraSaga is building the next evolution of blockchain – check out the milestones we have achieved, current status and the bright future ahead!

Milestone 1
XBOM™ concept defined (assets and accounts)
Milestone 2
SagaPython™ framework established
Milestone 3
Core Peer-2-Peer (P2P) layers created
Milestone 4
SagaPython™ Class Manager Interface (CMI)
Milestone 5
Prasaga™ shard consensus protocols created
Milestone 6
Multi-node shards
Milestone 7
Parallel block production
Milestone 8
SagaNode™ Leader-2-Leader messaging layer
Milestone 9
Core account negotiation protocol
Milestone 10
Full transaction flow from submission to consensus
Milestone 11
Private testnet and viewer
Milestone 12
Dynamic shard allocation
Milestone 13
Public testnet
Milestone 14
SagaCoin™ minting
Milestone 15
SagaCoin™ listing
Milestone 16


  • Healthcare

    SagaChain™ enables the development of secure, reliable and accessible healthcare applications – improving on and seamlessly integrating with all areas from patient to professional

  • Automotive

    SagaChain™ enables supply chains to build a digitized line of communication and object-oriented data sharing mechanism between vendors and suppliers.


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