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Prasaga welcomes Frank Nitty

PraSaga appoints Frank Nitty as Senior Advisor, Hip-Hop Culture and Community Advancement

Zug, Switzerland – PraSaga Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Frank Nitty as Sr. Advisor, Hip-Hop Culture and Community Advancement.

Frank, a stalwart in the Hip-Hop Community since the early 90s and General in the West Coast Hip-Hop culture, brings a wealth of experience. He has been a driving force in unifying Hip-Hop’s diverse communities, protecting creators and their intellectual property (IP) while leading the movement for the Global Hip-Hop Culture into the Web 3 Decentralized world.

Frank will collaborate with the PraSaga Entertainment industry leadership team, defining product market needs for SagaChain rights management, royalties, and creative asset authenticity platform. Frank will also contribute to the marketing and promotion of PraSaga Foundation and SagaChain Ecosystem to the Global Hip-Hop Community.

Michael Holdmann, Founder & CEO of PraSaga, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “The opportunity to participate in the global Hip-Hop culture and support the advancement of its members is what PraSaga Foundation was founded for. Having Frank on board to guide, someone who dedicated his life to both the culture and local communities through relentless charity work, will ensure the success of PraSaga Foundation and SagaChain.”

“PraSaga’s dedication is to 8 billion world citizens, almost a quarter of them are members of the Hip-Hop community. The project’s technology aims to enable creators to own all assets, guarantee payment of royalties, and protect their IP rights whenever their art is accessed, at the same time ensuring the consumer the content is from the creator not an AI. With the native SagaCoin, the limits to global economic inclusion are erased.” – Frank Nitty, Executive Producer, Community Leader

About PraSaga

PraSaga Foundation, custodian of the SagaTech Stack, is poised to transform the blockchain landscape with the upcoming launch of SagaChain. SagaChain, a groundbreaking layer-one blockchain, addresses critical challenges faced by existing blockchain networks. With a strong emphasis on scalability, security, and sustainability, SagaChain empowers developers to build high-performance decentralized applications (dApps) that cater to real-world needs, driving widespread adoption.

About Frank Nitty

Frank Nitty, hailed as “Mr. Small Part of Everything Major,” is an influential music business executive with a rich 25-year history in the industry. His expertise ranges from artist booking and management to spearheading marketing and promotional campaigns. At the helm of his full-production music studio, Frank excels in talent discovery, strategic planning, and executive production. His groundbreaking journey began in the mid-90s, managing A&R for Snoop Dogg’s protege, Jamarr “Badazz” Stamps. Today, Frank merges his deep understanding of music with technology, notably blockchain, bringing a unique perspective to both worlds. His transition into tech represents his commitment to evolving and leading in the changing landscape, significantly impacting the Black and Brown Hip- Hop community and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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