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Blockchain 101

Blockchain mechanisms explained

Detailed explanations of core blockchain and crypto-currency mechanics

  • Improving Blockchain Security

    How can blockchain be made more secure?

  • A better blockchain architecture

    How does a First Class (Meta Class) Object Model architecture make blockchain better?

  • Scaling blockchain

    How can a First Class (Meta Class) Object Model architecture scale a blockchain better?

  • Programmable smart assets vs smart contracts

    What is the difference between a Programmable Smart Asset (first class objects) and smart contracts?

  • Security: Programmable Smart Assets

    How are Programmable Smart Assets (first class objects) more secure than Smart Contracts?

  • SagaChain™ consensus explained

    What is the SagaChain hybrid consensus mechanism? …we explain in detail, why it is more secure than a single Proof of Work or Proof of Stake system.