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Security: Programmable Smart Assets

Security: Programmable Smart Assets vs. Smart Contracts

How are Programmable Smart Assets (first class objects) more secure than Smart Contracts?

Programmable Smart Assets (first-class objects) can offer enhanced security compared to traditional smart contracts in several ways…

Encapsulation and Data Hiding

Programmable Smart Assets leverage object-oriented programming principles such as encapsulation, allowing data and methods to be hidden within the asset. This limits unauthorized access to sensitive information and functions, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities.

Fine-Grained Access Control

First-class objects allow for more precise control over permissions and access rights. This fine-grained access control ensures that only authorized parties can interact with specific aspects of the asset, enhancing overall security.

Inherent Inheritance and Polymorphism

Programmable Smart Assets can inherit secure properties and behaviors from base classes, ensuring that security features are consistently applied across all derived assets. Polymorphism allows for flexibility while maintaining strict security protocols.

Centralized Governance and Policies

The meta-class architecture enables centralized governance and security policies. These can be applied consistently across all Programmable Smart Assets, ensuring a high level of security across the blockchain.

Code Reusability and Consistency

Programmable Smart Assets can reuse secure code and behaviors from existing classes. This consistency in code reduces the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities in new implementations.

Updates and Changes

First class objects can be independently updated and modified making security patches and upgrades simpler without having to restart the entire chain. This allows developers to respond quickly to emerging threats and enhances the overall security posture of the chain.


Programmable Smart Objects can be restricted from public visibility through access controls, allowing for enterprises to keep their detailed business operations private and yet still take part in public chain operations.

In summary, Programmable Smart Assets offer a more secure approach to blockchain development through encapsulation, fine-grained access control, and centralized governance. These features help create a more robust and secure blockchain environment.


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