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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions

Typical questions and answers on blockchain, crypto-currency and the SagaChain™

  • Can I view SagaPython™️ syntax without registering?

    Yes, you can view that syntax here:

  • How do we convert our DGT into SagaCoin?

    At listing, Data Grid Token will convert in a 1:1 ratio to SagaCoin.

  • How does PraSaga/SagaChain compare to other chains?

    Our blockchain 101 article will tell you more.

  • I am a developer, where can I learn more about SagaPython™️?

    For developer registration and access to SagaPython ™️ sample code, go to this link:

  • I want to build a project on SagaChain™️, where should I start?

    Please register on our GitLab server, using the button below, for access to our application code SagaPython. It is alpha, but allows you to learn, practice, and build apps now that will run on SagaChain once consensus is completed.

  • Is there a competitive analysis available?

    Yes, click the link below to view our competitive analyis table.

  • Is there a demonstration available for SagaPython™️?

    Yes, you can watch a video where our Co-Founder and CTO David Beberman gives some instruction and demonstration of SagaPython on our official YouTube channel here:

  • What does DGT / DataGrid Token mean?

    For initial listing purposes this is what it was called, but after we are live it will be known as SagaCoin.

  • What is the difference between SagaOS™️ and SagaChain™️?

    SagaChain is the actual blockchain, SagaOS is the operating system that runs on top of the blockchain.

  • What is the difference between the Initial Coin Offering and the Initial DEX Offering?

    ICO is when we offer our coin to the public, IDO is when our coin is available via a digital exchange. Most likely, ICO will come first, followed almost immediately by the IDO.

  • What is the ERC20 contract address and why does it matter?

    That is the digital wallet address that an individual can use to send Ethereum funds to us. This will most likely change to a new address for the ICO/Launch.

  • What is the general use case of PraSaga?

    It is the foundational infrastructure for all global transactions, financial or other.