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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions

Typical questions and answers on blockchain, crypto-currency and the SagaChain™

  • What is the native name of the token?

    PraSaga’s native token will be officially known as a SagaCoin, once released.

  • What is the SagaVerse™️?

    We will be releasing more information about the SagaVerse in the near future. To put it very simply, a virtual space, but that doesn’t even begin to give credit to what it will be. Our teammates working on that project would balk at such a minimalistic explanation.

  • What is the total token supply?

    We do not have a “Total Token Supply” because our aim is for SagaCoin to have a stable purchasing power in its mature phase, which requires the coin supply to continue growing if and as demand for the coin continues growing. The program will forever mint, and dynamically burn, as appropriate to stabilizing purchasing power.

  • What is the vesting schedule for tokens?

    All vesting periods are specific to the token purchaser and will be reflected in your purchase agreement.

  • What will be the initial market cap or supply of tokens (SagaCoins)?

    8.8M, but that is based on open circulating, it does increase every month. There are also requests to release a public round token so there is ability to trade. We know many will be holding the coin as there is belief in value gain and reducing supply for markets to trade and acquire.

  • When will the bounty/airdrop/reward tokens be awarded?

    These are expected to be provided after our public listing.

  • Why didn’t TGE take place at the same time as public launch?

    Some projects generate their tokens at the same time as they publicly list. PraSaga decided to do these events at separate times.

  • Will there be grants for project development on SagaChain™️?

    Those are upcoming. We are looking at implementing a dev bounty now for some internal projects in SagaPython and SagaNode (Python and GoLang). We will have a grant program soon for projects that create very high transaction velocity. We will be making announcements soon. In meantime, understanding our approach using an object model architecture can…