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Introducing SagaOS™

The network operating system and powerhouse behind SagaChain™

A next-generation, single-layer blockchain, requires a robust and powerful network node operating system. So we’re very proud to present SagaOS™ …the world’s first true object-oriented blockchain operating system.

The SagaOS™ network

Running a global data blockchain requires a powerful distribution network, where every node in the network is running innovative, powerful, purpose-built software – welcome to SagaOS™.

SagaOS™ is a first class, object-oriented operating system. Designed and developed specifically to power everything about the SagaChain™.

Innovation at its heart

The core operation of SagaOS™ is to maintain the network node, store objects, process transactions, and act as a connector between the chain and applications which run on it.

SagaOS™ does this with some really innovative mechanisms, which completely set it apart from any other layer-one blockchain.

Security focussed

A completely decentralized system (distributed ledger) working on a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus model, with military-grade object data encryption, and optional special enclaves, all work together to make SagaChain™ one of the most secure and attack-resistant blockchains available today.

Smart Assets™

Limitations and problems with associated with smart contracts are now a thing of the past, thanks to the development of our innovative Smart Assets™ – which are also stored on the chain.

Smart Assets™, which are also stored on the chain, allow for the creation of object methods – a powerful feature when creating more complex interactions with data and account objects.

Application development with SagaPython™

Developing applications which will integrate with SagaOS™ and the SagaChain™ couldn’t be simpler.

We have based the development environment on a modified version of the Python language, called SagaPython™. So there is no need to learn a new language – projects are already supported by a wealth of existing programmers, codebase, and other resources.

The mechanics of SagaCoin™

SagaCoin™ is the utility token used to fuel transactions on the chain – which in turn, funds and sustains the continual growth, adoption and development that SagaChain™ requires.

Alpha code and TestNet…

We are currently in the latter stages of developing some elements of SagaOS™ and SagaPython™, but have publically released our alpha code (which runs on a standard database) for those who would like to start building applications while waiting on the full code.

We will shortly have a TestNet available, at which point we will be replacing the pre-alpha database with a fully functioning copy of the SagaChain™. We will restrict access to only the most promising projects and partnerships during this stage, so the chain can be properly evaluated.

To help everyone start building their applications – simply sign up at our GitLab repository, and get hold of our latest code…