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PraSaga™ awarded patent

We been awarded the patent on SagaOS™ – securing our technology for our community

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted our patent for processing message transactions, which means we can keep our core SagaChain™ technologies freely available to all who wish to develop with it.

The patent (number 20200348963) covers our systemic extensible blockchain object model, comprising a first-class object model and a distributed ledger technology.

Fulfilling our vision

Getting our innovative core technologies protected by patent, means that developing with SagaChain™, SagaOS™ and SagaPython™ will never be restricted as an intellectual property, there are no licensing restrictions and the technology is always freely available to use.

This is part of our core goal – to empower our community and enterprises with full and free control over how they use our ground-breaking platform.

“The award of this patent enables PraSaga™ to take another significant step in delivering the next evolution of blockchain architecture – by providing the ecosystem with a major building block in scalability”

Michael Holdmann – CEO

“This is going to improve the ability for developers to create applications, manage their own codebases and address real world challenges, without limitation”

David Beberman – CTO

The patent granted to us (with our 26 claims) establishes our operating system, through SagaOS™ that will run on the global SagaChain™, and store the class trees and logic for Smart Assets™ saved into individual accounts.

To stay informed about SagaChain™, SagaOS™ and SagaPython™, follow us on our social media channels, and join our Discord server.

To help everyone start building their applications – simply sign up at our GitLab repository, and get hold of our latest code…


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