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Digital Twin Consortium® welcomes PraSaga™

The DTC today announced that PraSaga™ Foundation has become a member a member of the Consortium.

A non-profit organization, PraSaga™ developed the SagaTech Stack architecture and SagaChain™, a layer-one blockchain designed to address the critical challenges existing blockchain networks face. PraSaga™ will lead a newly formed DTC FinTech Tiger Team.

The DTC FinTech Tiger Team will consist of members from the Consortium representing some of the most vital industries in the world. The member companies are leaders in their respective spaces and work together to solve industry-wide problems. As a first step, the DTC FinTech Tiger team will work on developing open standards requirements benefiting every major industry.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the DTC and to lead the DTC FinTech Tiger Team,” said PraSaga Foundation CEO Michael Holdmann. “The Tiger Team will use PraSaga’s SagaTech Stack architecture to define process flows and create application-specific use cases for implementation across industries for real-world testing.”

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