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Latest announcements from PraSaga™

Frequently updated, breaking news on PraSaga™ and the SagaChain™

  • SagaPython™ and SagaChain™ – An Introduction

    We’ve just written a new Medium article about how our innovative platform (SagaChain) is the next step forward in secure data storage and transaction.

  • PraSaga™’s Core Values

    As we bring our new layer 1 chain to life, and we are evaluating which exchanges to list upon, it is our core values which guide us.

  • Lawrence H. White talks about “Better Money”

    PraSaga™ economic advisor and monetary policy guru, Lawrence H. White, talks about “Better Money” – in his upcoming book.

  • The Limitations of Smart Contracts

    Michael talks with e27 about the limitations of smart contracts, and how Smart Assets will take Web3 to the next level.

  • PraSaga™ at American Medical Device Summit 2022

    We met leaders from the Medical Device industry, and shared how SagaChain™ will revolutionize industry supply chain and product testing protocols.

  • CoinDesk announces the winners of Web3athon

    We’re thrilled to announce that we had three winning projects building on the only blockchain designed and built to scale!

  • Jay Moore speaks during NFT NYC

    As part of NFT NYC, Jay speaks at the Harvard Club – about what motivates PraSaga, the purpose of blockchain technology, and building a better future.

  • Source code framework released

    This framework demonstrates the power and scope of SagaOS™, allowing you to experience practical usage of PraSaga’s coding language, SagaPython™.