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Latest announcements from PraSaga™

Frequently updated, breaking news on PraSaga™ and the SagaChain™

  • The end of Smart Contracts

    Michael Holdmann spoke about how we’re solving the smart contract problem and enabling enterprise-grade use cases with SagaChain™.

  • SagaOS™ patent granted

    This patent enables PraSaga™ to take a step in delivering the next evolution of blockchain – providing the ecosystem with a major building block in scalability.

  • Our Founder delivers keynote at Minind Disrupt

    Michael Holdmann spoke about our new hybrid consensus mechanism with the community of miners and validators in attendance.

  • Smart Assets – an introduction

    How will SagaOS™ and SagaChain™ change the world for the better through the use of decentralized, available-source technology?

  • The story behind PraSaga™ – revealing SagaPython™ at Consensus 2022

    Rich Phillips, covers a recap of Consensus 2022 and how the programming language SagaPython™ came to be.

  • WeSaga at Consensus – Nicole Colwell on building equality

    Nicole Colwell spoke at a Women in Web 3 conference at Consensus 2022 to bring awareness to our cause.

  • Our CTO delivers SagaPython™ demo at Consensus 2022

    David’s presentation covers SagaPython™. Learn how you can begin developing on the platform quickly and easily.

  • Our Founder delivers keynote at Vietnam Blockchain week

    Michael Holdmann delivered a keynote speech, touching on issues that plague smart contracts, how to make the world a better place with blockchain, and more…