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AMA with Rich and Nicole

Discord AMA with Rich Phillips (CPO) and Nicole Colwell (CAO)

AMA with Rich Phillips (CPO) and Nicole Colwell (CAO). Covering topics including PraSaga’s recent Alpha release of SagaChain, the SagaPython programming language, examples of projects building on the chain, and what to expect next.


  • Welcome to Frank Nitty

    PraSaga is thrilled to announce the appointment of Frank Nitty as Sr. Advisor, Hip-Hop Culture and Community Advancement

  • Digital Twin Consortium Welcomes PraSaga™

    The DTC today announced that PraSaga™ is now a member of the Consortium.

  • Welcome to Jay Hao

    PraSaga welcomes Jay Hao, former CEO of OKX, as an Advisor

  • PraSaga & Parso (MoU)

    PraSaga™ Foundation signs MoU with Parso to explore AI on the blockchain