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AMA with David and Jay

Discord AMA with David Beberman (CTO) and Jay Moore (CMO)

AMA with co-founders David Beberman (CTO) and Jay Moore (CMO). Covering more technical aspects of what is happening behind the curtain of development of SagaChain™.


  • AMA with Rich and Nicole

    Rich Phillips (CPO) and Nicole Colwell (CAO) cover the recent SagaChain™ alpha release and SagaPython™

  • AMA with Michael and Jacob

    Michael Holdmann (CEO) and Jacob Holdmann (Dir Token Relations) discuss supply chain and our coin launch.

  • New supply chain demo released

    See SagaChain™ effortlessly powering the automotive supply chain.

  • PraSaga™ awarded patent

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted our patent – so our technology can remain freely available to everyone.