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AMA with David and Jay

Discord AMA with David Beberman (CTO) and Jay Moore (CMO)

AMA with co-founders David Beberman (CTO) and Jay Moore (CMO). Covering more technical aspects of what is happening behind the curtain of development of SagaChain™.


  • Welcome to Frank Nitty

    PraSaga is thrilled to announce the appointment of Frank Nitty as Sr. Advisor, Hip-Hop Culture and Community Advancement

  • Digital Twin Consortium Welcomes PraSaga™

    The DTC today announced that PraSaga™ is now a member of the Consortium.

  • Welcome to Jay Hao

    PraSaga welcomes Jay Hao, former CEO of OKX, as an Advisor

  • PraSaga & Parso (MoU)

    PraSaga™ Foundation signs MoU with Parso to explore AI on the blockchain