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AMA with Michael and Jacob

Discord AMA with founder, Michael Holdmann (CEO) and Jacob Holdmann

AMA with Founder & CEO Michael Holdmann, and PraSaga Director of Token Relations Jacob Holdmann. The subjects were wide-ranging, and covered topics including how PraSaga will change supply chain management of traditional industries, the purpose behind and experiences of traveling to various events around the world, and considerations that need to be made during our upcoming coin launch.


  • SagaChain Video Update 1 – Code Summary

    David Beberman (CTO) walks through a SagaChain code summary.

  • SagaChain Video Update 5 – Blockchains 3rd Datamodel

    David Beberman (CTO) shows the SagaChain blockchain 3rd datamodel.

  • SagaChain Video Update 4 – Nodes Consensus

    David Beberman (CTO) showing node consensus in operation.

  • SagaChain Video Update 3 – Build Run Docker

    David Beberman (CTO) building SagaChain docker images.