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Q. Jay Moore speaks at Global Blockchain Congress

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Q. The story behind PraSaga™ – revealing SagaPython™ at Consensus 2022

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Q. Our Founder delivers keynote at Minind Disrupt

Q. SagaOS™ patent granted

Q. The end of Smart Contracts

Q. Source code framework released

Q. Jay Moore speaks during NFT NYC

Q. AMA with David and Jay

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Q. PraSaga™ at American Medical Device Summit 2022

Q. The Limitations of Smart Contracts

Q. Lawrence H. White talks about “Better Money”

Q. PraSaga™’s Core Values

Q. SagaPython™ and SagaChain™ – An Introduction

Q. AMA with Rich and Nicole

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Q. A letter to Gary Gensler on PoS

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Q. Welcome to Frank Nitty

Q. SagaChain Video Update 2 – Bringing Up Code

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Q. SagaChain Video Update 5 – Blockchains 3rd Datamodel

Q. SagaChain Video Update 1 – Code Summary